The Jukebox Corner-Lost and Confused by Kylesa

I happened to find this song from a Metal music sampler. This song among 2 others were the ones that caught my attention. Lost and Confused by Kylesa, more so.

Exhausting Fire [album] by Kylesa
Lost and Confused can be found within the album Exhausting Fire.

A band that comes from Savannah, Georgia which is from my home state, Georgia! Funny. The best part is they produce music that is what I look for. Music that covers its bases both musically and vocally (as in rare singing voices).

Primarily a mix of genres. That is right! While the music is primarily metal music they also incorporate a few other musical stylings making their music not easily comparable to another band or another band to their sound. They are one of those truly original sounding bands, most especially as you know in the metal genre.

You can download Lost and Confused by Kylesa for free thanks to Amazon Digital Music.


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