Defining Music Genre: Part 1 (Criteria for Those Singularities in Music blog)

Pop: The music doesn’t necessarily have to be slow tempo. Pop would be any music you can just feel as being optimistic. Whether fast paced or slow paced. Also usually with sugary sweet vocals (or conventional singing) and heavily repeating lyrics throughout a song, all around heavy dance electronica music that can tend to be nauseating. Some Pop not all because sure there is some good Pop out there but it’s hard to find.

Rock: Music where the guitars and drums sound very prominent. This is pretty easy. Sometimes rockers can just play their guitars in ways where you just know. I guess one could say guitars just have presence.

Metal: In some ways, Metal is sort of but not the same as Rock music. Metal is a little more hardcore. Played in a rougher manner. And the best way to describe it would be that it has this heaviness. The drumming is usually another telling mark of Metal. If the drumming is very hard then it is likely Metal.

Classical: Of all the genres it is perhaps the easiest to distinguish. Likely due to a lot of the true classical era composers having already passed away. Still that doesn’t mean all Classical is of the true era of classical music composers, even today it can still be in abundance as long as the music is complex and orchestral.

Jazz: Much like Rock but containing this noticeable bounciness. Often very fun and very playful. Jazz is one of the most conspicuous sounds present when it comes to music.

Hip-Hop: More than anything Hip Hop as it is seen nowadays stands for those who can rap. If anything, it identifies an actual vocal technique but nonetheless helps to differentiate music. Giving it a spot in music genres.

Opera: Supposedly considered a sub-category of Classical. Though I would argue that Opera music has grown to be a primary category of its own even if like Hip-Hop it primarily only distinguishes itself by a particular vocal technique.

Instrumental: Music with no lyrics.

Electronica: In this category, I also consider EDM (electronic dance music) as part of electronica. The only clear difference I see between EDM and regular electronica might be that electronica bands were primarily huge in the 80s and EDM is basically an outgrow of that but in the present time. This might be seen as a growing interest of the current generation to perhaps look into the past and revisit this particular genre? Who knows. I don’t know because even as a young girl I always loved electronica.

That does it for now. I will be adding more parts to Defining Music Genre as they come to me because I get the sense I might have left out 2 or more music genres that I listen to.


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