Defining Music Genre: Part 2 (Criteria for Those Singularities in Music blog)

This continues more of the music genres I listen to and so it becomes apparent I’ll be adding more than two music genres as part of this music genre classification system.

World: I also happen to listen to world music. Somehow it has gained an unappealing connotation due to this type of music genre classification denoting that this means it stands for music of the not “Western” variety. Not that I think that is a reasonable way to see it. In fact, I would argue this is a great way to classify music that is some else’s local music or music that fuses several music genres where you never quite know where the original influence is coming from. It is my belief that this can be for both Non-English music or English produced music.

Music in this category would be something like L. Shankar. L. Shankar is known to utilize some instruments that are not widely known to those in North America or most European countries. Though it is important to note even L. Shankar makes use of fusing his cultural music (from India, I beleive) with jazz.

Punk: Music that is usually very harsh and obtrusive. Meanwhile, the singing or vocals are very confrontational. Very lyrics heavy in a confrontational manner.

JPop: At first I wasn’t sure if to include JPop into the mix of main music genre categories. But I believe it is essential. In North America, thanks to anime, JPop, has seen a growth of fans (even from countries from all over). It is undeniably true that JPop is carving its own place in the music landscape. Enough that given Jpop artists seemingly willingness to do new things musically, I can see the next few years having JPop or JRock be the place to look for new and inspiring forms of music.

*JPop or J-pop is simply Pop in Japanese.*

JRock: Unfortunately for JPop and Pop, while I don’t believe there isn’t anything wrong with it I do believe it has its limitations. As such, JRock, will without  a doubt beat JPop in terms of musical richness. There is no repetitiveness here. And JRock musicians and artists are pushing boundaries more than ever. Sometimes taking you aback at what they are accomplishing musically.

*JRock or J-rock is simply Rock in Japanese.*

Spanish Pop: I do listen to Spanish Pop primarily because my roots are from Mexico and invariably I listen to what those around me listen to. And that can sometimes come in the form of Shakira, Paulina Rubio, and RBD a Spanish Pop band (that occasionally borders on Rock).

Spanish Rock: The main Spanish rock band I listen to in this category is Mana. A rock band that sings in Spanish. Very influential among those who speak Spanish. My introduction to this band was through my family, in fact.

Country: I have listened to some but do not necessarily enjoy it but I am ever optimistic that there will come a time where I might find a music artist or band that has country music and I will enjoy them. It could possibly happen? Who knows.

Trival: Within the spectrum of Spanish music. There is a group of music artists in Mexico in the more urban areas that have developed a new form of music. A new music genre called Trival. It sounds like Tribal music but it carries electronica undertones. Given the freshness of this music, Trival, was decided on. One of the biggest popularizers of this music are 3Ball MTY.

Reggaeton: This is much like Hip-Hop but most of the lyrics are sung in Spanish or rapped in Spanish. Could be thought of as Spanish Hip-Hop. Still much like JPop and JRock, changing the whole language gives the music a different feel entirely.

Bossa Nova: A type of electronica jazz music sung in beautiful Portuguese. A good example of this type of music is Bebel Gilberto.

And that about does it with 19 total music genres I listen to. If there are no major sub-categories then that is because frankly I see no point in them since at the end of the day I realize that even if we remark a band as playing experimental rock, music labels, would still need to market that said band and its music as rock. Really the only music worthy of music genre classifications are the main staple, categories such as Rock and Electronica along with other cultural music like say JRock. I really feel that instead of focusing on sub-categories in music all major music fans and music labels should focus on listing music based on cultural language, since I guarantee you there are thousands of Rock fans perhaps waiting for fresh Rock music from say Russia or maybe Mexico. Something that can excite the taste buds, for them, if only they knew where to look.

Still if something really seems very incredible and innovative I would, at least, remark as something as being experimental in Rock or Pop but that is as far as I’ll go. In the end, all these sub-categories aren’t helping anyone.

Updated to add Reggaeton and Bossa Nova.