The Jukebox Corner-It’s That Talk Again by Broken Bells

It's That Talk Again by Broken BellsSomehow despite signing up for the band’s e-newsletter I never got the notification that Broken Bells (one of my favorite bands) had released a new song this Fall. To be exact, September 25, 2015 but I only just found out this early December.

If anything I feel a little ashamed I didn’t discover this sooner. I’ll definitely have to keep more closely updated, it seems.

But let’s get right to what I think of this solo song because though the song is listed from out of an album, so far there has been no official news about a new album or any other details. It’s That Talk Again feels entirely different from anything else Broken Bells has done before and I can’t help but be hopelessly reminded of The Ghost Inside to the max on this one in opening. Jazz or funk fans may just love It’s That Talk Again and so do I.

What I am already liking about this solo song is that somehow it seems Broken Bells hasn’t run out of ideas and even more interesting is the fact I am honestly hyped for this potentially new album.

If you liked the song you can now download it through Amazon Music for $1.29!


About Broken Bells

Broken Bells (James Mercer and Brian Burton)
Broken Bells (James Mercer and Brian Burton) | Source: Broken Bells Official site

Broken Bells Official site

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A band I discovered in my high school days through the radio. Never quite knew what hit me but as soon as I heard the guitar and the keyboard swaying, as well as James Mercer’s voice, I knew this band was something. They are what one would call a soft rock electronica band.  The duo band consists of creative duo James Mercer singing and playing guitar and Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) as the producer, various instruments player, and keyboardist. They are usually joined by other musicians while playing live.