Arrows by Fleurie (EP Music Review)

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After encountering Fleurie’s lovely voice and music from the Shadowhunters TV series you can bet I couldn’t stay away. Entirely due to the fact that as soon as I heard her Soldier I was pushed back in memory to the first time I heard Colorblind by Counting Crows, Viva La Vida by Coldplay, City of Blinding Lights by U2, and Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure.

And when my mind makes these connections it is usually out of coming across an utterly singular sound or rare singing voice. Since these instances are few and far between I just had to look into her and let me tell you it took me a while. For a time many sites had no information about her, the artist. But I wasn’t about to give up. No way!

Thankfully those involved with the TV series eventually released information about the artist and that artist is Fleurie!

As my music tastebuds first detected this was music I would enjoy to a high degree. Actually I might have quite the admiration for what Fleurie is attempting to do with her music. It is sort of a mixture of Electronica with Pop—Electro-Pop, but if we are being serious to me it seems rather Experimental. But you know in the end, genre really doesn’t matter. The true measure of what Fleurie can offer is effortless poetic lyrics and intensely pleasing sound escapades through the use of Electronica. But that is not all! She incorporates piano too and this further enriches the music all the more, coated in a voice that I am quite sure is rare. It gives off a hint of what Country singers do, but with a far more otherworldly singing style.

Now if you are wondering if her music has a theme, well, it doesn’t seem to. Yet this is alright since all the songs on Arrows are quite independent and standalone beauties. The better way to distinguish the songs would be that some are more lyrics heavy with a message to tell, while others are perfect mixes of lyrics and engaging Electronica instrumentation. Were I to have missed out on listening to her music I am sure I would have been at a loss. Her music is something else. Definitely something that anyone should aim to experience.

A Deeper Look at Arrows

Fire in My Bones is diverse in comparison to the other songs. With an intro that gives a sense of a day out in a cabin with unrest, perhaps. That intro is really a perfect setup to Fleurie’s incoming lyrics with poetic turns. And due to the nature of the song her voice does have a sort of country style to it but this isn’t completely true. Especially as you will see in the way she sings Fire in My Bones. Almost in a rap-like fashion at times. Although, this effect seems more of a side-effect of her skill in clever lyrics.

Yeah. Fire in My Bones is lyrically, vocally, and musically diverse. The layers in this!

Next we have Wildwood. A surprisingly cheerful song that I do not find irritating due to the deep lyrics.

Song #3, Sparks, in Fleurie’s EP is quite the quiet song which really reflects the overall feel of most of her music. This calmness.

Next we have the highlight of Arrows in my opinion, Still Your Girl. The intro showing off Fleurie’s incredible innate singing talent. Her voice is full-on angelically choral. That in itself takes courage in music and that is where the music moves from organ music to glomping electronica lasers. Slowly but surprisingly moving into the trademark of Electronica music, various music sampling going on cascading one upon another. All of it hard to at times take in and all the while moved along again by Fleurie’s poetic lyrics.

Last on the EP is Hope Where Have You Gone? Considering the meaning of this I really think Fleurie did good here by adding a beach and wave music background while she takes full advantage of a robot-like tone of voice. That is kind of disturbing but again considering how this song is all about being vulnerable it affirms a sense of pain and loneliness. The robot-like effects she used better emphasizing kept hidden pain. While the ocean’s waves moving symbolizing loneliness.

Based off her Arrows EP there is no doubt that Fleurie is moving in a new direction music-wise. Something that should really encourage many of us looking for something new in music.

Standouts: Still Your Girl, Fire in My Bones, and Hope Where Have You Gone?

About Fleurie

New to Nashville’s singer-songwriter scene is artist Fleurie, the musical moniker of Lauren Strahm, a 24-year-old hailing from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. The French word, meaning “in bloom” was chosen by the artist herself, who wanted an alias that accurately represented her sound. With an array of musical influences, including Coldplay…-Noisetrade

Find her via her website: Fleurie Official Website

Twitter: Fleurie Music



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