[The Music Listening Chronicles] Why I Still Buy Music CDs on Occasion

CD photo

I think it is no secret that nowadays most people don’t really buy CDs as much as in the past. Most have some type of MP3 player for on the go music listening especially with our fast-paced lifestyle. Still personally for me that has changed in recent years due to a very special music discovery in music.

That is why. For now I am seeing the appeal of buying music on CDs rather than always heading toward digital. Primarily because at the top of my mind in deciding to buy music is the fact I really want to support the musicians and other individuals involved with recording the music. And reading around, the best possible way to accomplish that goal is for me to buy music on CD. Sure digital is good but in comparison to CD buying this is the best way that more money is going to go back to some of the individuals involved with the music’s release. After all, the record labels have to get payed somewhere who in turn pay the artists. To say nothing of the fact that concert sales for a band/artist can only pay so much.

And finally I have only another reason. That reason is the liner notes or credits to the music found in music inserts or the music booklet. I like knowing every detail about who was involved with what. It makes me know who I have to thank.

Yeah. Yeah. You’re probably thinking these two reasons are small, but really look at them. They’re very important, especially when some musicians can produce extraordinary music where you cannot help but be indebted to them.