[The Music Listening Chronicles] The difference between EDM and Electronica

Given the growth of of both EDM and Electronica music it is inescapable that people will often confuse the two or use them interchangeably.

Given the distinctions in music it really is important that people know how to tell them apart and since I love these two genres of music so much I thought I will share my thoughts on this.

First off like any person who is new to these types of genres, I, too wasn’t aware of them at one point. Mainly EDM. Since EDM is basically new. If anything it started becoming prominent in 2011. While Electronica or as it is known as Electronic, Techno, or Electro proceeded EDM and is much older. Mainly because of this. When I was younger my parents will refer to anything I detected as Electronica music as Trance music. Which on closer inspection makes sense since when I listen to it, it feels like you are in a trance. Since the music is going in all types of directions your mind cannot keep up with it. Even more obvious is that in the 80s this was a time where Electronica was big. And yeah, you guessed it. My parents grew into adulthood in the 1980s so it makes sense they came across this type of music.

So technically Electronica is not new but it still has potential for growth since artists in the day might not have done certain things in it. And anyway the potential is there. In Electronica you could even combine it with Rock, Metal, or other elements. Plus, have you seen Electronica? It creates whole moods or atmospheres that are all-encompassing. While EDM is great and I do like how it makes your body automatically move to the music on its own. It has a certain quality. It doesn’t seem to create huge atmospheres and doesn’t create whole sense of samplings. And when I mean samplings, I mean actual Electronica has tons of samplings (or mixes) going on and thus becomes material where you have to really work to keep up with it. It’s just so free-spirited depending on the artist or should I say music sampler.

So all in all that is it, but if you want more quick explanations. Take a look below.

EDM: It does have similar characteristics to Electronica because it was born from it but it is also danceable. OK to a high degree! I will attest I am not the most dance-oriented person but EDM manipulates me to do so.

Example of EDM: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

Electronica (other names: Techno, Electro, Trance): More concentrated listening experience but still undeniably mixer or sampler led. Yes, it can also have a small amount of dance-oriented direction but usually the sonic atmospheres are incredibly grand that it requires more concentrated listening from a listener thus diminishing the chance of you wanting to dance to the music.

Example of Electronica: Polish Girl by Neon Indian