[The Music Listening Chronicles] How to Find New Music Organically without the Help of Pandora-Like Services

What do you think it the reason for radio or services like Pandora? Its ultimate reason is to help everyone interested in music discover new solo artists and bands. But it fails terribly.

Why? Well radio is easy a lot of what you will ever hear is stuff pushed at you by music labels that do not really take into consideration that you as a music listener might want something either authentic or vastly cutting-edge. The labels only want to push their solo artists/bands at you and this in itself is not totally wrong of them. That is their job. Which is why radio will only ever get you music that likely everyone else has heard or knows about with no guarantee that you will find innovative or impressive music.

And while Pandora and music recommending services likely started out with good intentions it fails to take into account that a lot of the recommendations are rinse and repeat. In other words, you are given suggestions that are of bands/solo acts with too similar a sound and therefore there is no room for you to venture out. Even further some of the services that offer music recommendations out there are of bands/solo acts recommended from picks of others who listen to the same music you listen to. This technically means the music is not being personally tailored to you.

I’m sure you now see where I am going. To get the best personalized recommendations that would do justice to you you must realize that you have to work for it. But it isn’t all bad, here, are some tips to help you discover music organically:

My Tips to Discover New Music Organically

  • Allow Amazon to suggest music recommendations to you. Here is the logic on why this is a natural way to find new music. Amazon’s algorithms are computer-made. No other person is weighing them based on what other listeners are listening to with what you listen to. Amazon is just gathering information upon what other stuff you have bought in music and making judgments.
  • Utilize music samplers whether created by Amazon‘s music store or not. Just try it. I am doing this right now across different genres and it is working great for me. I am discovering several musicians and bands I didn’t know about before.

Industrial Music Sampler Artoffact Records by Amazon

Now let me explain why I like this option. I can pick and choose which songs I am impressed most by and then continue to look into a band or musician. If I don’t like something I am not pressured to buy anything. Best of all this is free and you get a huge sense of accomplishment in finding new music.

  • Music blogs. I am not sure why but tons of people do not want to utilize them but they help immensely. Only recently I found about Micatone thanks to a Jazz blog.