Spotify Music Review: After the Disco [album] by Broken Bells

After Broken Bells’s self-titled album Broken Bells I wanted to see them do something more uplifting musically. With After the Disco, my wishes were satisfied. They pushed themselves and thus they ended up pushing boundaries in music. As an added benefit, they have gone a little more optimistic.

After the Disco by Broken Bells

Perfect World is the excellent dish intro to this whole album. Ah. the music just frolics and the guitar work has a lovely clinking, fine quality to it. Broken Bells doing uplifting music! But what is another important aspect is the poetic lyrics that are just as engaging. “Oh, London moon help me stumble home. Let me lose myself along the way. I got nothing left, it’s kind of wonderful because there is nothing they can take away. Away…..”

Overall I love the message of the song: Sure the world is not always what we believed and thought but it is perfect just the same.

After the Disco moves away from the profound. It’s more fun but not any less essential to this album. The second strongest on the album. The booming, pin-ponging bass heavy After the Disco.

Holding for Life really requires concentrated listening. The incessant drumming and bass takes care of that but it’s nicely contemplational with beautiful cutting glacial Electronica shards or plates crashing down. James Mercer making it all the more worth your while with his jokester lyrics and singing.

Leave it Alone: The instrumentation is gorgeous in Leave it Alone. Carefully strung and amplified. As the song progresses the drumming is slowly paced giving it a nice break for the chorus to be added in along with James Mercer’s voice, all as the introduction of some intense guitar playing starts up. As with the neat intro we have a worthy closer.

Right after Leave it Alone if you’re an appreciator of Electronica The Changing Lights might be just your song. Certainly a high quality song. Other songs like that are Control (amazing and a song where music boundaries are getting pushed), and Lazy Wonderland (more lyrics pronounced).

While on the more experimental spectrum lie The Angel and the Fool (which is a little jarring but nice nonetheless). And while all these songs are wonderful indeed, we still have to take into account the weaker songs off the album. That is Medicine. Merely 1 song! You really have to applaud Broken Bells. They didn’t give you medium quality music but high quality songs and only 1 bad song.

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Broken Bells (James Mercer and Brian Burton)
Broken Bells (James Mercer and Brian Burton) | Source: Broken Bells Official site

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A band I discovered in my high school days through the radio. Never quite knew what hit me but as soon as I heard the guitar and the keyboard swaying, as well as James Mercer’s voice, I knew this band was something. They are what one would call a soft rock electronica band.  The duo band consists of creative duo James Mercer singing and playing guitar and Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) as the producer, various instruments player, and keyboardist. They are usually joined by other musicians while playing live.