Nightporter by Geek Sleep Sheep Album Review

Nightporter by Geek Sleep Sheep

Wow! I am impressed. Listening to Nightporter by Geek Sleep Sheep instantaneously improved my mood. First song off Nightporter, Weekend Parade, is kind of like magic, literally, there are some sounds in it suggestive of it. But what is interesting to me is seeing 345 from Ling Tosite Sigure playing heavier bass in Weekend Parade. This is the total opposite of what she usually plays in Ling Tosite Sigure. Better still is hearing Kazuhiro Momo lead guitarist having a noticeable plucking style with a sound that gets easily picked out. Might be thanks to Yukihiro on drums who has a nice light stroke to his drumming.

Hitsuji. My favorite. It starts out with 345’s singing which is lovely and then proceeds to have bass lines that seems to almost open and open like a peeling onion. It’s wonderful! The bass lines thanks to 345 are very palpable. But just as there is that we have occasional appearances of Kazuhiro Momo adding more fun to it. But my favorite piece is something that comes later when 345 sings “I hope your dream is the same as mine” which gave me an indication Hitsuji might mean dream in Japanese.

Gohan song #3 is fueled by an abrupt quality to its playing. This of all the instruments. It is not bad or mediocre. It is an excellent song especially when it gets playful toward the end.

Jesus wa gokigen naname. I almost blushed, Kazuhiro Momo, has a distinct singing voice that becomes present in more heavier Rock songs like this one. More shocking is 345 I believe also makes a presence in this one and this is different from the more innocent side of her in Ling Tosite Sigure. Guitar lines in this, amazing! Playful like I like them with some explosive action going on. But what is mind-blowing is when Yukihiro stops drumming and you’d think well that is it but the song continues.

Sanpo! I don’t know what to say in this. There are some techniques in Rock music that are definitely new here (that intro) because I have never come across some of them before and I listen to lots of Rock music. [A favorite]

Teardrop is a hilarious song. It’s more lyrics heavy even as the instrumentation continues to be impeccable.

frame a song that is given to more pensive leanings. Still beautiful even if it is a slower song on keyboard.

At this point, it becomes apparent that all the songs off Nightporter are an utter delight! No less with the next song Last Scene. Or Strange Circus. Or Magica!

All in all. Color me impressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect even though I heavily enjoyed Candy by Geek Sleep Sheep. Nightporter and in general Geek Sleep Sheep are bringing something new to Rock/JRock and that is good news for music novelty seekers.

[Nightporter contains 12 songs. This review is of my first and or two listens through it.]


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Nightporter by Geek Sleep Sheep

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Nightporter Music Release Details

Geek Sleep Sheep-kazuhiro momo: Vocal and guitar, 345: Vocal, bass, and keyboard. Yukihiro: Drum and percussion.

Most songs lyrics and music were written by Kazuhiro Momo with the exceptions of Frame, Last Scene, and Magica. In Frame, the lyrics are written by Yukihiro and 345 while the music is by 345. Last Scene the lyrics are by 345 and Yukihiro while the music is by Yukihiro. While in Imagination the lyrics are by Yukihiro and music by Kazuhiro Momo.

Nightporter was released by EMI Records Japan.


About Geek Sleep Sheep

Geek Sleep Sheep band profiled

The band consists of Kazuhiro momo singing and on guitar, 345 from Ling Tosite Sigure (凛として時雨) singing, and on bass, and keyboard along with Yukihiro on drums and percussion.

Singing mainly in Japanese but this doesn’t matter seeing as music can get across to people no matter what especially their particular sound.

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