What I see as Experimental in Music or what is Experimental music

While many people have their own idea of what Experimental music is, for me, it isn’t so much as something like the music being too difficult to comprehend or that it is inaccessible.

Rather it is the result of two things that must be fulfilled first when it comes to music.

They are:

  1. Techniques for whatever the genre have to be ground-breaking which is a result of music being unexpected. It is here that it becomes important to note that this factor alone can be a contribution to the inaccessibility of music or its incomprehensibility. If anything this is a direct result of the music being unexpected in the first place. Of course, this would mean that people would need to know what to watch out for in terms of music genre tropes being utilized and this can only happen if the listener has had experience in several forms of music.
  2. Genre-blending must be present. This is a requirement due to the fact that the use of different types of instruments and or genre techniques would be applied adding a new level of dimensionality to the music. That is why I think something like Jazz Electronica has a new level of freshness rather than something that is purely Pop because musicians can take their music to new heights by using techniques available in both genres and maybe even go in new directions.