Pool by Porches Album Review

Porches shows that the territory of Electronica is still a thriving musical landscape with their blend of elegant Electronica coupled with singer Aaron Maine’s ethereal but detached voice.

Off Pool the instant hit song would be Underwater. Aptly named too since this song has tones and actual underwater textures that give off a hint of that. But what is interesting here is Underwater has a lot of longevity. So much so that if you were to listen to it a lot it would age well enough that you would notice new things in the music. If that wasn’t good enough they present you with some incredible surprises like Shape, a spritely and empowering song. And on the other end of the spectrum you are hit with a song like Shaver that’s way more difficult to process but has an out-of-nowhere Jazz edge that makes it stand out.

Now if you are into the more music ability areas of music then rest assured in Underwater drummer, Cameron Wisch, has an interesting rattle-like precise bite in his drumming. It’s what at times centers the song. Meanwhile the guitar work by Greta Cline on bass guitar and Aaron Maine on electric guitar are just as highly developed. Nobody is behind here, everyone is contributing. Yet, what is equally jaw-dropping is the elusive and ironic tone of the lyrics.

It’s quite the delight to have such wonderful musicians releasing this type of music and given the content of Pool there is sure to be something of worth here for anyone.

[Pool contains 12 songs. Recorded, produced, and engineered by Aaron Maine in a NYC apartment. Live drums and additional guitars recorded by Hunter Davidson at Business District Recording. Mixed by: Chris Coady at Sunset Sound. Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound. Cover photo: Jessica Lehrman. All other photos by: Aaron Maine. All songs written by Aaron Maine. Released by Domino Recording Co. on February 5, 2016]

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Porches is Aaron Maine, Kevin Farrant, Seiya Jewell, Cameron Wisch, and Maya Laner.

Pool (released this year) marks a major step forward for Porches frontman Aaron Maine—as an evolving singer/songwriter, and as a nascent producer. Written and recorded almost entirely in his Manhattan apartment, Pool, is an elegant set of gorgeous synth-driven pop songs. The album is a fully immersive listening experience highlighting Maine’s insightfully filtered melancholy.


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