An unforeseen: Mixing and mastering engineers are diluting musicians/singers’ original musical ideas

It actually makes sense. If one were to think about it why is it one likes some songs from our favorite musicians/singers more than others from one album to the next? Well, in the music industry mixing and mastering engineers change hands when it comes to the music they usually helped a musician/singer/composer to create.

That doesn’t even take into account that some mixing and mastering engineers may have better skill at doing it and the ones who do can turn a song into a hit song. Sure the creative roots have to be there but great mixing engineers and mastering engineers can make a song sound even more alive and when coupled with high creative talent and great skill of a highly talented mixing engineer this can make a song into one of those absolute wonders. This means it will appeal to more people. Both due to the creativity involved and sonically.

The problem is mixing engineers leave an imprint on the music. A type of authorship. Like their presence in the music and this points to them likely diluting the music. It’s not exactly good news considering the music’s original intention by the singer/musician/composer is changed but sadly it is unavoidable because a lot of musicians cannot handle this aspect of the music themselves or it would take too much time and effort. The unfortunate side-effect though is the music is not exactly genuine, in my opinion. It doesn’t have an identification it is theirs. If anything it’s the creation of the singer/musician/composer alongside the mixing engineer. And I say mixing engineer more than the mastering engineer because they are the first ones involved with shaping the direction of the sound and by the time the mastering engineer gets to it a lot of the work has been done.

This is something new I discovered and it has only happened because I came across some high skilled mixing engineers. But it makes me wonder if perhaps I might have to change how I approach music. I am likely going to go ahead and look at music from the creative direction/message as well as taking into account how well produced it is. Therefore I will be focusing more on the handiwork of mixing engineers, it seems. I don’t know I mean some of them can have such a snappy finesse in the way they produce music that is leaves me full of admiration and while it is likely bizarre for me to be more fascinated by mixing engineers. I don’t know, I really think their imprint is too much to ignore.


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