[The Music Listening Chronicles] What is meant by underproduced, well produced, or overproduced music

Sound waves

While the creative or artistic aspects of music are very important it cannot be disregarded that how well produced music is matters too. This is something subtle but if the music is purer in sound your ears will be pushed to listen to the music more and thus spend more time listening to that music. And this is where the hit songs come in. The hit songs are songs that are well produced as in balanced.

While underproduced means the music quality is not really all that polished and rough to listen to. And this is not bad, mind you. This just means the mixing engineer or mastering engineer likely hasn’t seen enough experience in molding music sonically. But it doesn’t matter for the most part considering you can get across the point but it just won’t be as instantaneous. And plus, if the musicians/composers who write the music have great material then this shouldn’t be a problem. Underproduction won’t affect it since talent will out.

Now overproduced music is the worst offense to music. Here there are two instances of where something would be overproduced music. The first one would be where there are two many layers going on and you cannot distinguish the individual instruments anymore. Awful! Everything becomes indistinguishable. And second this in a lot of Pop music where a lot of tacky studio effects are added to the music. If it’s too bright or glitzy your eyes will pick it up and it can give you a mild headache. Well, that is if you usually give music your full attention.