Music Review of El Súper EP by Johnny Pequeñin

El Súper EP cover artwork-Johnny Pequeñin

When I first heard Johnny Pequeñin I knew I liked them, they are what I like to hear in music. A band who is doing something new in what is Punk Rock.

That I have taken this long to write a review only speaks to how unworthy I feel any of my words could possibly be to accurately describe the ingenuity of Johnny Pequeñin music. But here it goes. Rulas en Praga begins with a lilting and interesting imagery rich taspestry. The incoming lyrics seamlessly compliment the music with lead singer, Cezar Salazar, railing against the unfairness of contradictory people. Yet, at the same time coming to the conclusion that nobody is in the right. I like it. It’s thoughtful. And I further like it when Cezar Salazar’s singing changes to a somewhat detached stance. Making me take note that he’s a versatile singer. Tone changes and all.

El Chico del Portico is a heavier song than the previous Rulas en Praga with Javier Fva’s excellent drumming. Despite the traps of heavier music here we have some guitar patterns that are quite fresh and OK pretty fun.

Lastly, we have El enemigo Luis (Emo 1) a super funny song with a rebellious side. Keyboard, drums, and guitar work are all amazing! Lyrics while less thoughtful as previous ones are at least heartfelt. El Súper EP safely makes me a Johnny Pequeñin fan though I was already all in since Nieve.

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About Johnny Pequeñin

Johnny Pequeñín in 2015
Cesar Salazar-Guitarra y voz | Vocals and Guitar
Daniel el Gómez-Guitarra | Guitar
Luis Bambi Jácome-Teclado | Keyboard
Eduardo Miranda– Bajo | Bass guitar
Javier Fva-Batería | Drums